Multiple studies have shown that people can get a lot of advantages of being outdoors – whether just having lunch or working outside – during workdays. As a matter of fact, being outdoors can benefit you in such a way that it can lower your level of anxiety, depression, heart rates, as well as increase your levels of creativity, productivity and happiness levels. The benefits of being outside actually extend from the personal benefits to performance at work or business. As a leader of your company, you know how important keeping your employees is and that includes keeping them happy and healthy as well. Furthermore, an increased morale will definitely contribute to a much lower turnover rate. 


Visitors, customers, and business partners will also appreciate your commercial building if you have an attractive outdoor space. As a matter of fact, a lot of businessmen prefer to get in touch with certain companies that have curb appeal, rather than those shabby ones. In fact, a shoddy outdoor space seems to indicate that your company, work, and potential inferior products and services are lacking pride. Of course, that’s not the image that you want to show to people about your business.  

In order to get started, we have listed down some components for the courtyard or patio of your commercial building.  

1. Seating Purposes 

If you do not provide your visitors or customers with some sort of seating, chances are that they will not bother with the space at all. They will think that it is simply a walking space and walk right through. In fact, seating allows individuals to spend time and relax as much as possible. This is the reason why you should ensure that your benches have a back so people can sit comfortably.   

2. Privacy

A patio in your commercial space can really be a great spot to relax, have a meeting, and or enjoy a lunch or break, but that is not the case if there are frequent disturbances. Consider doing the following in order to help create privacy on your patio, while adding beauty to it at the same time.  

  • Plants – Plants can be utilized in order to create a natural fence for your commercial building’s outdoor area. Some will even grow more than ten feet high in order to give the space a more secluded feel. In addition to that, evergreens provide interest and foliage year-round, and seasonal annuals can also add that special touch of color as well as interest for a very low cost.  
  • Hardscape Features – You can also consider installing seat walls, stand-alone walls, etc. That can be made of wood, stone, brick or even a combination of different materials in order to complement the exterior of your building. Adding shrubs or plants on, in and around them can certainly help in softening the look, as well as improve acoustics through absorbing sound.  

3. Increased Property Value 

Having a patio in your property will certainly increase its overall value. It is especially true if you also install beautiful interlock paver with the help of a professional and reputable interlock paving company.